SITE AREA              334.27m2
GFA                        496.89m2
COMPLETION       2017
This 2.5-storey semi-detached dwelling faces a dense forest reserve at the rear. The first storey is an open plan consisting of the family area, bar counter and dining area which open to the external garden. The bedrooms above open out to the front car porch balcony and the rear forest. Rooms which faces the adjacent neighbour have limited fenestrations to ensure privacy. Off-form concrete and facing bricks were used to express the facades.  

The First Storey is an open plan consisting of the living area, bar counter & dining area 

Off-form concrete and facing brick are used to express the facades

The rear of the house opens out to a dense forest reserve

The monochromatic colour scheme is carried into the interiors with the exception of timber used for the staircase

The parti-wall is left as Off-form concrete finishing

The facing brick is brought into the house to accentuate the dry-kitchen and bar counter

The Off-form concrete wall is a barrier against animals and a foot path at the rear 

A skylight brings in light into the staircase leading to the attic

Fenestrations are positioned to ensure privacy in the bathrooms

The master bathroom opens out the forest reserve behind

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